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Welcome to MFIS

We have been providing professional advice and creative technical solutions since 2001.

Our areas of expertise are especially focused on internet technologies and architecture, software design and development, and computer and network security. In recent years we have expanded our expertise to the broadcast industry with a focus on building contribution and distribution networks over public internet infrastructure and developing various solutions and software to serve this purpose.

Continue reading this section for a quick overview of what we do or jump to Our Services or Projects / Case studies for a deeper view.

Consulting & Design

We can provide technical and operational design requirements and even a rapid working prototype for your project.

With many years of experience in internet/network related software and hardware we can also provide recommendations to improve your project's viability.

We also provide security related services such as full or partial audits, penetration testing, & compliance testing for currently deployed infrastructure or for assets still in the deployment planning stages.

Development Services

We can provide systems / application development services for your project. We focus strongly, when possible, on using open source technology as a basis to reduce expense and time to market.

Managed Hosting & IT Outsourcing

Selective or total outsourcing of your business processes, groupware, websites, and other such IT infrastructure to MFIS allows you to leverage more than a decade of our experience and expertise in this area so that you can focus sharply on your own area of expertise.

Our Services

A Quick Overview

MFIS is a project oriented company but also provides on-going services intended to help with all phases of your technical project from concept to execution including on-going support.

Our mission is to provide justifiable and understandable technical support to any level of your organization.

We are a small network of experienced professionals with expertise in:

  • System & Application Design and Software Development
  • Technical advise, Consulting, Design, and Integration Services
  • Security Consulting, Professional Penetration Testing, and Vulnerability Assessment Services
  • Compliancy Monitoring and certification
  • Managed Private Cloud infrastructure
  • Data Center design & management
  • High Availability Website & Web Application hosting.
  • Design & Development Services

    design and development

    MFIS can provide systems, application, or software design and development for your project.

    We focus strongly, when possible, on using open source technology as a basis to reduce expense and time to market.

    Please have a look at our Projects / Case Studies section to get an idea of what sort of projects we have worked on in the past.

    Technical Advise and Consulting


    Product Development

    MFIS can provide the technical and operational design requirements and even a rapid working prototype for your project. With a wide view on internet and network related software and hardware we can also provide recommendations to improve your projects viability.

    Security & Compliance

    In the role of security advisor, we play an important role in your organization's formulation of a unified security policy for currently deployed infrastructure or for assets still in the deployment planning stages.

    Open Source Software (OSS) Strategy

    When leveraging open source software (OSS) to meet business objectives, it is important to ensure that the greatest benefits are realized while the technical, legal, and operational risks are minimized. The need for an organization to have an open source strategy is clear. Our advisors can help your organization review and formulate a policy based on best practices while at the same time providing a tailored solution that fits the needs and pace of your company.

    Security and Compliance

    Security & Compliance

    MFIS is able to provide security related services such as full or partial audits, penetration testing, & compliance testing (including PCI Compliance) for existing infrastructure and applications and specialized consultancy services with a specific focus on minimalizing your organization's exposure to computer or network related security incidents.

    In the role of consultantant, We play an important role in your organization's formulation of a unified security policy for currently deployed infrastructure or for assets still in the deployment planning stages.

    To get a better idea of what we do and how we can help you, please feel free to get in contact with us.

    Managed Hosting

    We offer high quality managed hosting services such as:

  • Managed Cloud Hosting of your website or web-facing applications
  • Managed Cloud Storage
  • Dedicated or shared Infrastructure
  • Private Cloud infrastructure
  • Managed Data stores
  • Secure VPN Accounts
  • and much more...
  • With MFIS, you can depend on reliable technical support from experienced and talented system engineers.

    IT Outsourcing

    managed services

    In today's competitive business environment, it is more important than ever that organizations focus their limited resources on their core business activities and run a lean operation in order to compete and stay relevant in their markets.

    Many organizations begin to realize that it no longer makes sense to operate their own IT infrastructure and staff their own IT departments. Outsourcing your IT infrastructure and business processes to MFIS allows you to focus on your organizations core competencies while leveraging our experience and expertise to focus on the rest.

    A good approach is important when choosing to outsource vital processes and infrastructure. With MFIS you are also able to choose a selective approach where you outsource specific IT functions in stages. This approach allows for a gradual growth into a mutually beneficial relationship and allows for continous performance reviews and adjustments.

    MFIS as a Technology Partner or Investor?

    In some situations, MFIS is willing to design, develop, and provide back-end services to your application or project and manage all technical aspects in exchange for equity or partnership in the project.

    This can result in lower startup & operational costs and relieves you from duties and issues associated with setting up a development team, systems support team, and the infrastructure needed to run your online service or application.

    Feel free to drop us an email if you have an exciting project or idea but are lacking the resources for execution. We would love to hear from you!

    Projects / Case Studies

    • Role: Technical Project Management / Product Design & Development / General Consultancy
      Product or Service: Easy-to-use touch-panel personal computer

      Our Client, who was already providing a traditional desktop computing experience as a managed service to its customer base largely composed of middle to senior aged personal computer users, asked us to help "reinvent" the personal computer.

      The Challenge: Create an intuitive & easy-to-use touch panel PC intended for use by people who have little or no experience with computers and technology.

      Originally provided with nothing more than graphical mockups of the proposed user interface, MFIS worked very closely with the client to finalize design requirements and a clear direction for the project and then managed the technical aspects of the project all the way from the initial concept to the launch of the final product. MFIS's role in the project included direct responsibily for:

      • high level design and specifications
      • hardware / platform selection and testing
      • Oversight of the entire project & software development team
      • custom software development of touch user interface running on top of a customized linux distribution available on 2 different hardware configurations
      • Custom Integrated video conferencing system (via the skype API) and a unique cross platform web-based video messaging system.
      • design and software development of a redundant highly available support infrastructure backend (mail management, software update push and pull system, remote control for helpdesk support, billing module integration, integration with inventory management system, authentication mechanisms, etc)
      • and some miscellaneous support web applications

      In the end, MFIS was proud to deliver and launch a high quality product which updated our client's product line-up with a new generation of devices to offer their end users.

    • Project Role: Hardware & software design/development
      Product or Service: Mobile video uplink device / encoder

      A Dutch specialist in video streaming technologies for broadcasters had the requirement to rapidly prototype a device and method for streaming video in real-time/near real-time (short delay store & forward) from one location to another to be used by ENG camera crews filming footage from the scene of an event. The device needed to be small enough to fit on the back of a camera, robust, lightweight, and easily integrate into current workflows.

      MFIS assisted the client with formulating a final design specification and project plan and was then tasked to realize the execution of both. This included:

      • selection and testing of the hardware components to be used
      • physical design consultation for the housing / chassis
      • selection of manufacturing facility and oversight of the manufacture of the initial run of housings
      • custom software development and purpose built linux kernel & distribution for the device itself
      • custom software development for a backend system and control interface to allow remote management of the encoders and browse/manage/retrieve archived content created by the mobile encoders on location
      • implementation and integration of a communications system for cross-talk to allow live communication between a studio and the camera crew

      For more information and a PDF of the final product, have a look here: http://www.c4ip.com/files/ME-4000.pdf

    • Project Role: Technical Project Management and Consultation, Custom Software Development
      Product or Service: TMF ClubCam (via C4IP Broadcast Innovation)

      MFIS was approached by a client, who was in early stages of planning with Dutch music television channel TMF Nederland, to re-launch a season of ClubCam. ClubCam was a popular show presented live and weekly from various discos around the Netherlands. The project would involve setting up video connections between the TMF studio and 18 discos spread throughout the Netherlands. Above all, cost would be an issue and traditional methods of live video broadcast, such as satellite uplink, would be out of the question because of the expense.

      MFIS, working together with its client, designed a plan to realize a cost-effective and relatively low cost network based on a private network deployed on top of an sDSL network provided by a sponsor and built a series of systems to glue all the components of our client together into a single integrated solution for its client, TMF Nederland. Some of the challenges needing solutions included:

      • all video needed to be encoded in real time with the highest quality possible over the available bandwidth
      • video had to be stable and without visual artifacts with very little delay
      • remotely controlled cameras needed placed in the ceilings of all 18 discos with a system designed and built which could control these cameras remotely from the MTV studio in Amsterdam
      • All 18 video feeds needed to be streamed each weekend to Web as well
      • Next to the cameras placed in the ceilings, the possibility for a roaming camera crew and presenter to plug into the system needed to be available so that a variety of footage was available in real time from the disco
      • The switch between ceiling cameras and the camera crew needed to be remotely controlled from the studio and a crosstalk system needed built for off-air communication between the director in Amsterdam and the remote camera crews and presenters.
      • A user control interface needed to be designed and built to control all the various aspects of the platform and give status feedback.

      In addition to providing custom hardware and software and integrating it with existing systems, MFIS also managed the overall implementation and on-going administration of this platform and remained the primary technical point of contact throughout the project lifecycle. In the end, MFIS was proud to rapidly deliver a solution that met each of the requirements and performed flawlessly for the project's lifecycle.

    • Project Role: Technical Project Management, General Consultancy & Design
      Product or Service: Web UI SDI Playout system

      A Dutch radio station looking to expand into television with its own music video television channel was in need of a SDI play-out system with specific features and some challenging budgetary requirements. MFIS was able to propose and design a modular system which would allow a competitive price for entry, address all of the clients immediate technical needs, and accommodate future needs by allowing modules to be built on a as-needed basis.

      Some of the features of the final product include: real-time multiple graphic layer and video effects insertion, integrated scheduling, media and content management, full featured logging of played items with report generation and auto scheduling and more.

      MFIS managed the technical aspects of the project from start to finish including:

      • Initial design specifications
      • selection of hardware platform and custom operating system (linux based)
      • Technical management of the software development team and acted as the primary technical point-of-contact for all stakeholders in the project
      • Quality assurance / Testing / bug tracking and fixing

      By using open source software as a basis to realize this project, MFIS was able to deliver, at very short notice, a high quality product which exactly met the client's needs & budget requirements.


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